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Extremely important things to keep in mind while designing an e-Commerce website

There is no doubt that the world is growing fast digitally. And in the past few years, it has become a trend to shop online. And most of the people across the world are focusing to peddle up their business online and spending to keep up with the latest trend.

If you have ever wondered what we need the most to start up a business online, you get to know that E-commerce website is most needed for this task to accomplish. In the wake of growing performances, certain factors should be considered for the success of e-Commerce website.

On the other hand, it is a big challenge to design an ecommerce website as it proves to be abstruse. The site must be intuitive and easy to access as it is built for the customers to shop on. To showcase a particular brand and online shopping is the main purpose of an ecommerce website. It is a big provocation to design an ecommerce website as it is a complex process. In this blog we are going to focus on the multiple aspects and things we should have to keep in mind while designing an ecommerce site.

The 11 most important things to keep in mind while designing an e-Commerce website are as follows:

1. Overall usability-

While developing an e-commerce website, it is to be keeping in mind that it must be user friendly, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Also, it must be unique and made with different motivations to boost up overall site usability while supporting different users’ needs.

2. Responsive Design-

An Ecommerce website should be designed to offer users ascendable and responsive design. Responsive designing ensures you with stellar experiences through email, display, search, social and other.

3. Product page design-

Your product page design should be made so that it will encourage your every user. It must be coherent and completes the overall appearance of your site.

4. Simple to use shopping cart-

As we know, all the people are not educated and have preferred knowledge of accessing to different sites. So, the website should be designed likely to be used by the common people. It should be simple to access the site.

5. Unique content-

The content must be precise and informative for clear and easy to understand description. Instead of big and confusing text, images should be used for and appealing appearance. Also, the information should be correct and unique.

6. Customer support-

You can have loyal customers by making them believe that you are always available for them. Keep them in confidence regarding the help you are providing through your site. The number you provide for support should be easily visible to your clients. Be passionate about your business skills and sell your products with ease.

7. Website Search Feature-

It is important to be making yourself available to your customers. Most people believe to search for different products so it is must to help users find popular products related to their searches.

8. Screen size optimization-

Screen size optimization allows you to get adapts vastly helps you profit from the ever growing business market.

9. User Friendly Website-

The website must be user friendly so that they would love to shop online.
• User Friendly Website creates positive impact of your brand and business.
• Gives satisfied Visitors.

10. Marketing tools-

Marketing tools like Newsletters, Blog integration, SMS notification, Live chat, Referral (Viral marketing tool) are vital for the success of any ecommerce website.

11. Security-

To keep your website protected, you need an encryption tool. It is expected by all the clients that their personal information get not leaked. So, security is the important thing that we should keep in mind while designing an ecommerce site.


The blog above gives you an overview of the important things, a website designer should keep consider while designing an ecommerce website. For any further query, you can connect to us for maximum support.

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